Company Profile 

The pioneer of SBR

Name Domer Inc.
Location [Head Office & Plant]
3-3-19 Tokiwagi, Ueda City, Nagano 386-0027 Japan
TEL.0268-28-6611/ FAX.0268-28-6616

[Woodland Headquarters]
Domer's Woodland Headquarters
Germination Research and Production Center

812-31 Simonogo, Ueda-city, Nagano 386-1211, Japan
TEL.0268-38-0055/ FAX. 0268-38-0050

[Tokyo Office]
Tsubosaka Bld. 5-9-12 Shiba, Minato-Ku 108-0014 Tokyo
TEL.03-5484-7048/ FAX.03-5484-7153

[Osaka Office]
Nishinakajima White-Heights 303, 6-11-2 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 532-0011 Japan
TEL.06-6100-2600/ FAX.06-6100-2626

(For international calls, replace the first ZERO with the country code 81.)
Date of Foundation December 25th, 1986
Capital 240 million yen
Annual Turnover 2,020 million yen (2003)
Board of Directors CEO: Kikuichi Tsukahara
Director: Satoko Yamauchi
Director: Eiichi Kimura
Auditor: Toshio Maki
Corporate Officer: Takashi Hasegawa
Number of Employees 85
Main Business
(1) Manufacturing and selling Sprouted brown rice and its related products
(2) Developing and selling machinery and facilities designed to manufacture Sprouted whole rice
(3) Creating a sales network for Sprouted brown rice
(4) First-rate rice production and its production under special contract
(5) Scientific research and development of products related to Sprouted brown rice
Company Philosophy (1) In order to establish a global Sprouted-brown-rice network, precedent to any other, we are engaged in the scientific research on nutritional and fundamental changes in the value of rice when it germinates. We work in collaboration with governmental laboratories, universities, major corporations, and other associates. Our aim is to replace the present staple, with a revolutionary, much more nutritious staple in the 21st century.

(2) Based on scientific research, we believe that Sprouted brown rice is the most nutritious staple. We want to inform the public its significant health benefits and hope that the world's population will realize and take hold of its power.