After a quick one and a half hour bullet train ride from Tokyo, through the beautiful green country side of Japan, you will arrive at a small train station, surrounded by picturesque mountains and rice paddies. You have arrived in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, located North-West of Tokyo.

Shiodadaira (Shioda Plane) on the south-west side of Ueda city, the basin extends north along the Tokko Mountain range, which has been worshiped for centuries as a holy mountain. There are many reservoir lakes in the basin, because there is relatively little rainfall on the plane. The cultivation of rice in this area has prevailed for hundreds of years due to the good soil and healthy supply of water.

Shiodadaira has an inland type of climate with temperatures varying throughout the day. Large amounts of clay can be found in the soil. The presence of clay in the soil creates good conditions for growing rice, and gives it a special delicious taste. When a large amount of rain falls at the time of harvest, the freshly cut rice on the field may become Sprouted. When that happens, farmers must process the Sprouted rice into rice cakes and other processed rice food. It is very delicious and desired by many. The problem is, while lying in the field, Sprouted rice can become moldy, losing its taste. By protecting the rice from mold and controlling the germination process, rice becomes more tasty and nutritious.

Mr. Kikuichi Tsukahara of Domer Inc. noticed this fact and decided to research the possibility of the commercialization of Sprouted brown rice about 10 years ago. This is his success story as a pioneer in the development of the present scientifically proven to be healthier, Sprouted brown rice.

Mr. Tsukahara was born in Ueda City. He began doing his best to improve the local area's health and rice-producing district. The School Food Supplying Center in Hodaka Town, Nagano Pref. was the first to begin using Sprouted brown rice in their school lunches. They serve it to elementary and Jr. High school students in and around the Matsumoto district.

Sprouted brown rice was first developed in Ueda city, and because of its nutritional value and taste, it has spread through Nagano prefecture, throughout Japan, and is now becoming internationally known. From this small city in a green and fertile land, a group with a passion and determination to research and supply nutrient rich rice is establishing an amazing new rice market for the health of mankind. They are Domer Inc.